The Simple Messaging Framework  

The Simple Messaging Framework

Simple Messaging Framework Library Usage

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Author: Naresh Bhatia (
Created: July 2003
Version: $Revision: 1.1 $ ($Author: nbhatia $ / $Date: 2003/07/21 03:30:50 $)


This document details the 3rd party libraries used by the Simple Messaging Framework and why they are used.


This product includes software developed by

  • Apache Software Foundation (
  • Carbon Project (
  • JBoss Group LLC (
  • JDOM Project (
  • Sun Microsystems, Inc. (

Ant Contrib 0.3

Home Page
A useful collection of Ant tasks used to build SMFW.

Apache Ant 1.5.3-1

Home Page
Build tool for SMFW.

Apache Axis 1.1

Home Page
Used to send and receive SOAP messages.

Apache Commons HttpClient 2.0 Beta 2

Home Page
Used by the REST client in the Library Management System demo to send HTTP requests.

Apache Commons Logging 1.0.3

Home Page
Used as the logging API.

Apache Jakarta Log4j 1.2.8

Home Page
Used as the default logging mechanism. Calls to it are made through the Apache Commons Logging API.

Apache Jakarta Tomcat 4.1.24

Home Page
Used as the servlet container for sample applications.

Apache XML Xalan 2.5.1

Home Page
Used as the XSLT processor during the SMFW build process.

Apache XML Xerces 2.4.0

Home Page
Used as the main XML parser to support schema validation.

Carbon 2.0

Home Page
A powerful framework used for services such as configuration management, exception handling, sql utilities and more.

JBoss 3.0.4

Home Page
jboss-j2ee.jar used to compile ejb-utils.jar. Required only to build SMFW from source. Any library supplying the J2EE API can be substituted for this jar.

JDOM Beta 8

Home Page
Used by the Carbon configuration service.

JUnit 3.8.1

Home Page
Used for unit testing.

Servlet 2.3 API

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Used by SMFW to access HTTP requests.

XPP3/MXP1 1.1

Home Page
A simple and efficient XML parser/serializer used in the sample applications.

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