The Simple Messaging Framework  

The Simple Messaging Framework

Installation Guide

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Author: Naresh Bhatia (
Created: July 2003
Version: $Revision: 1.1 $ ($Author: nbhatia $ / $Date: 2003/07/21 03:30:50 $)


This document describes the Simple Messaging Framework installation process. It describes software requirements and the steps to install the framework from a binary distribution. If you wish to build the framework from a source distribution, please refer to Building SMFW.

Directory Structure

We recommend that you store the Simple Messaging Framework and other required libraries under one library directory. This makes it easy to share the libraries among multiple projects. See the example below for a sample directory structure. Note however that this is only a recommendation; you may choose any directory structure based on your preference and needs.



The Simple Messaging Framework requires the following software and libraries. Make sure you have these packages installed before installing the framework.

Installation Procedure

Step 1: Download the Simple Messaging Framework binaries
Get the latest SMFW binaries archive from the project download page. Explode the archive to a directory on your local machine.
Step 2: Download required libraries
Get the archive of 3rd party libraries required by the framework. Explode this archive to a directory on your local machine.
Step 3: Copy ant-contrib.jar to Ant lib directory
Copy ant-contrib.jar from the ant-contrib library to ant-1.5.3-1/lib directory.
Step 4: Copy junit.jar to Ant lib directory
Copy junit.jar from the JUnit library to ant-1.5.3-1/lib directory.

At this point you can start using the framework in your applications. The framework jars are located in the smfw-1.0 directory. You may wish to test out your installation using the demo applications supplied with the framework.

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